The WWRP/WMO Workshop on the Verification of Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts will be organised by the Scientific Steering Committee of WWRP (World Weather Research Program) and will be co-sponsored by WMO. Participants are expected to come from the major weather centres and laboratories world-wide which are active in the area of verification.

The workshop will be conducted in English. It is planned to produce a workshop report to be published as a WMO Technical Report which will include the papers submitted by the participants and a summary of discussions/recommendations.

The Scientific Steering Committee of WWRP organises a workshop on verification for the first time. The organisation is motivated by a need to address more strongly the verification issues and, in accordance with WWRP strategies promoting actions for further understanding of the science and technology involved in improved weather prediction, the workshop shall be focused on verification of high-impact weather events in connection to Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF). Hence, the accent shall be put on verification of heavy convective or orographic rain, on heavy snow fall, etc.

It is expected that after an overview of the state of the art for the QPF verification strategies the participants shall discuss improvements of these techniques. Each important item shall be introduced by an invited lecture. Interesting results from a few case studies are expected as well to be presented. A report shall be drawn on recommendations regarding future Research & Development actions on verification of QPF. Because of the need of an in-depth discussion and of drafting the conclusions, the workshop shall be limited to a relatively small number of participants (up to thirty).


List of Invited Lectures

1. NWP precipitation forecasts including ensemble forecasts

Lecturer: Francois Lalaurette
Shinfield Park
Berkshire RG2 9AX, U.K.
Tel.: + 44 118 9499 420
Fax: +44 118 9869 450

2. Precipitation observing systems

Lecturer: Izstar Zawadzki
McGill University
Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
805 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H3A 2K6
Tel.: +1 514 398-1034
Fax: +1 514 398-6115

3. End users/uses of precipitation forecasts

Lecturer: Thomas R. Stewart
Center for Policy Research
University at Albany
135 Western Avenue, Milne 300
Albany, NY 12222, U.S.A.
Tel.: + 1 518 442 3855
Fax: + 1 518 442 3398

4. QPF verification at points: traditional methods

Lecturer: Laurence J. Wilson
Meteorological Research Branch
2121 Transcanada Highway, 5th floor
Dorval, Quebec, H9P 1J3, Canada
Tel.: + 1 514 421 4726
Fax: +1 514 421 2106

5. QPF verification at points: probabilistic forecast

Lecturer: Barbara G. Brown
NCAR/P.O. Box 3000
Boulder CO 80307-3000 U.S.A.
Tel.: +1 303 497 8468
Fax: +1 303 497 8401

6. Verification of precipitation areas

Lecturer: Elizabeth E. Ebert
Australian Regional Meteorological Group
GPO Box 1289
Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia
Tel.: + 61 3 9669 4688
Fax: + 61 3 9669 4660



Monday 14 May

09.30 Opening of the workshop & practical information
09.40 Francois Lalaurette: NWP precipitation forecasts including ensemble forecasts
10.35 Izstar Zawadzki: Precipitation observing systems
11.30 Coffee break
11.45 Laurence J. Wilson: QPF verification at points: traditional methods
12.40 - 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 Barbara G. Brown: QPF verification at points: probabilistic forecast
14.55 Elisabeth E. Ebert: Verification of precipitation areas
15.50 Cofee break
16.10 Thomas R. Stewart: End user/uses of precipitation forecast
17.05 Discussion on the working groups
17.30 Adjourn

Tuesday 15 May

09.15 Ulrich Damrath: Verification of precipitation over Germany using different methods
09.40 Pertti Nurmi: Operational QPF Verification of NWP forecasts and End Products
10.05 Martin Goeber and Sean Milton: On the use of radar data to verify the long term performance of the Met Office Mesoscale Model precipitation forecasts.
10.30 Coffee break
10.50 Harold Brooks: Kernel Density Estimation and Forecast Verification.
11.15 Matthias Jaeneke: Hail storm at 19 August 2000 over Berlin
11.40 Klaus Stadlbacher: A comparison of DMO and statistical adapted quantitative areal precipitation forecasts from different NWP-models
12.05 Andy Loughe: Real time verification of operational precipitation forecasts using hourly gauge-data
12.30 - 13.50 Lunch Break
13.50 - 14.15 Ben Wichers Schreur: Summary of the first SRNWP workshop on meso-scale
14.15 - 17.00 Working Groups Session (coffee available througout)
19.30 Dinner Downtown (Invitation of CHMI)

Wednesday 16 May

9.15 -11.00 Working Groups Session (coffee available .)
11.00-12.30 Drafting of the Working Groups Conclusions
12.30 - 13.50 Lunch Break
13.50 - 16.30 Plenary Session & Conclusions
16.30 Closing

Thursday 17 May (S2K Group)

9.15 - 12.30 S2K Verification Group Session
(state of art, list of interesting cases)
12.30 - 13.50 Lunch Break
13.50 - 16.00 S2K Verification Group Session
(specification of a "to do" list)



The full papers (invited lectures) and abstracts (other presentations) for the workshop report will be required at the time of the meeting and should be sent in electronic form to the Chairperson:

Radmila Brozkova
Na Sabatce 17
PRAHA 4 - Komorany
CZ - 143 06
Czech Republic


Bally John


Brooks Harold


Brown Barbara

 Full papers:bgb_paper_final.pdf

Damrath Ulrich

DWD, Germany

Goeber Martin

 Full papers:goeber_paper_MetOffice.doc

Geleyn Jean-Francois


Ebert Elizabeth

BMRC, Australia
 Full papers:beth_full_paper.doc

Huthova Zuzana

CHMI, Czech

Jaeneke Matthias

 Full papers:MJaenekeQPF.doc

Lalaurette Francois
 Chair WG2:WWRP-WG2.rtf

Loughe Andy


Mladek Richard

CHMI, Czech

Nurmi Pertti


Quixaba Filho

INMET, Brasil

Schreur Ben Wichers

KNMI, Netherlands

Stadlbacher Klaus

ZAMG, Austria

Stewart Thomas

Universita of Albany, USA
 Full papers:StewartWWRP-QPF.pdf

Westrelin Samuel

Meteo-France, France

Wilson Laurence

Environment Canada
 Full papers:wilson_paper_prague.pdf

Zawadzki Izstar

McGill University, Canada
 Chair WG1:qpf_wg1_res.doc