Gunn Point Campaign

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Abstracts, Abstracts 2015

Fourier transform spectrometer results from the Gunn Point campaign, June 2014, including emission factors of greenhouse gases from savanna fires.


In June 2014 an intensive measurement campaign took place at Gunn Point in the Northern Territory primarily aimed at characterising the emissions from early dry season savanna fires. A Fourier transform spectrometer was deployed and from this the concentration of CO2, CO, N2O, CH4 and 13CO2 over the measurement campaign was determined. Other measurements included aerosol microphysical properties, aerosol chemical composition, concentrations of reactive gases including volatile organic compounds, ozone and oxides of nitrogen.

This presentation will present results of CO2, CO, N2O, CH4 and 13CO2 from the Fourier transform spectrometer throughout the campaign. In particular individual fire events have been identified and emission factors calculated for CO2, CO, CH4 and N2O. In the future, these measurements will enable the calculation of emission factors for many other species that have been measured simultaneously with some of the other instruments deployed.