cartoon of time series International Verification Methods Workshop cartoon of histogram

Organized by the WGNE/WWRP Joint Working Group on Verification, and sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization/World Climate Research Programme (WMO WCRP) and the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC).

Dates: Wednesday 15 September to Friday 17 September, 2004

Location: The McGill Faculty Club, 3450 MacTavish St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Topics: All aspects of forecast and NWP model verification, and forecast value and impact. Of particular interest:

                       Spatial and object oriented verification
                       Scale separation in verification measures
                       Verification of probability distributions
                       Assessment of forecast value
                       Estimation of uncertainty in verification measures
                       Verification of extreme events

Invited Speakers: Click here

Meeting Program and Presentations: Click here

Chair of program committee:

                            Laurie Wilson
                            Recherche en Prévision Numérique

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