Information for decision-makers

ACCSP science was undertaken in close collaboration with government priorities, providing the information needed to understand and plan for the impacts of climate, climate variability and climate change in Australia.

With a focus on the Southern Hemisphere, ACCSP research examined the atmosphere, land, ocean and large-scale climate processes that shape and affect Australia’s climate, in order to provide information about policy-relevant issues including water resources, disaster management and greenhouse gas emissions.

ACCSP researchers also actively raised the profile of climate science in government circles and ensured that the latest climate science was accessible to decision makers.

Briefings, workshops and meetings all afforded face-to-face opportunities for delivery of policy-relevant ACCSP science. The GREENHOUSE conference series was key among these.

ACCSP science was also delivered through key publications, including fact sheets, FAQs, information papers and summary reports. These publications were on topics ranging from learning about our climate through palaeo-science, to climate variability and the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, to ocean acidification. They were supplemented by annual reports, technical reports and papers published in peer-reviewed journals.