Susan Rennie

Susan Rennie
Susan Rennie

Contact Details:

  • Fax: 99 9999 9999
  • Phone: 03 9669 4405
  • Address:
    Bureau of Meteorology
    GPO Box 1289
    Melbourne, 3001

Personal Data:


  • Curtin University of Technology, 2000, B.Sc. (Hons) Major in Physics
  • Curtin University of Technology, 2006, PhD

Interests and Research:

I am with CAWCR working on the assimilation of Doppler radar wind velocity into the high resolution forecasting models.


  • Rennie, S. J. (2013) Common orientation and layering of migrating insects in southeastern Australia observed with a Doppler weather radar. Meteorological Applications, Early view. DOI 10.1002/met.1378.
  • Rennie, S. J. (2012) Doppler weather radar in Australia. CAWCR Technical Report No 55.52 pp.
  • Rennie, S. J., McIntosh, D., Steinle, P., Seed, A. and Tully, M. (2011) A comparison between wind profiles from the Sydney (Terrey Hills) Doppler radar and the Sydney Airport wind profiler. CAWCR Research Letters, 6, 27-33
  • Rennie, S. J., Dance, S. L., Illingworth, A. J., Ballard, S. and Simonin, D. (2011) 3D-Var assimilation of insect-derived Doppler radar radial winds in convective cases using a high resolution model. Monthly Weather Review, 139, 1148-1163
  • Rennie, S. J., Illingworth, A. J., Dance, S. L. and Ballard, S. P. (2010) The accuracy of Doppler radar wind retrievals using insects as targets. Meteorological Applications, 17, 419-432
  • Rennie, L. J., Evans, R. S., Mayne, F. E., & Rennie S. J. (2010). Factors affecting the use and outcomes of interactive science exhibits in community settings. Visitor Studies, 13, 222-237
  • Rennie, S. J., Pattiaratchi, C. P. & McCauley, R. D. (2009) Numerical Simulation of the circulation within the Perth Submarine Canyon, Western Australia, Continental Shelf Research, 29 (16), 2020-2036
  • Rennie, S., McCauley, R. D., Pattiaratchi, C., Hanson, C., Burton, C., Bannister, J., Jenner, C. & Jenner, M-N. (2009) Physical properties and processes in the Perth Canyon, Western Australia: Links to water column production and seasonal pygmy blue whale abundance, Journal of Marine Systems, 77, 21-44
  • Rennie, S. J., Pattiaratchi, C. P. & McCauley, R. D. (2007) Eddy formation through the interaction between the Leeuwin Current, Leeuwin Undercurrent and topography, Deep Sea Research II Special issue on Leeuwin Current and its Eddies, 54, 818-836
  • Rennie, S. J., McCauley, R. D. & Pattiaratchi, C. P. (2006) Thermal Structure Above the Perth Canyon Reveals Leeuwin Current, Undercurrent and Weather Influences and the Potential for Upwelling, Marine and Freshwater Research, 57 (8), 849-861

Positions and Committees:

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