Weather and Environmental Prediction (WEP)

Application of the research of this group will improve emergency response particularly for floods, bushfires and tropical cyclones. The CAWCR expertise on the dynamics and structure of weather systems resides in this group. Hence an important output is quantitative estimates of changes in extreme weather in a warmer climate, including floods, tropical cyclones and hail. The Group also is responsible for the development of next generation and advanced forecast systems for use in the Regional Forecast Centres of the Bureau of Meteorology. These include digital processing and display systems synthesising numerical weather prediction data from a large range of local and international numerical weather prediction models, as well as nowcasting and warning systems for severe weather

Research within this group significantly reduces the cost to the Australian community of weather hazards and atmospheric pollution, and underpins new services.


Research Program Leader:
Ph: +61-3-9669-4688
Fax: +61-3-9669-4660

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