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PDF 1,218 KB
Dare, R. 2015.
Sedimentation of volcanic ash in the HYSPLIT dispersion model
CAWCR Technical Report No. 079

PDF 666 KB
McInnes, K. and Kepert, J. 2014.
Coasts & Extremes – abstracts of the eighth CAWCR Workshop 10 November – 12 November 2014, Melbourne, Australia
CAWCR Technical Report No. 078

PDF 4,005 KB
Peter, J., Seed, A., Steinle, P., Rennie, S. and Curtis, M..
A Bayesian methodology for detecting anomalous propagation in radar reflectivity observations
CAWCR Technical Report No. 077

PDF 7,642 KB
Murphy, B., Timbal, B., Hendon, H. and Ekström, M. 2014.
Victorian Climate Initiative: Annual Report 2013-14
CAWCR Technical Report No. 076

PDF 3,541 KB
Keenan, T., Puri,K., Hirst,T., Pugh,T., Evans,B., Dix,M., Pitman,A., Craig,P., Law,R., Alves,O., Dietachmayer,G., Steinle,P. and Cleugh, H. 2014.
Next Generation Australian Community Climate and Earth-System Simulator (NG-ACCESS) - A Roadmap 2014-2019
CAWCR Technical Report No. 075

PDF 549 KB
Craig, P. On behalf of the BLUElink team. 2014.
Bluelink 2 overview and milestone summary
CAWCR Technical Report No. 074

PDF 9,185 KB
Rennie, S.J., Curtis, M., Peter, J.R., Seed, A.W. and Steinle, P.J. 2014.
Training the Ancilla Naive Bayes classification system to provide quality control for weather radar data
CAWCR Technical Report No. 073

PDF 570 KB
Miles, E., Griesser, A., Charles, A. and Spillman, C. 2014.
The Pacific-Australia climate change science and adaptation planning program's seasonal prediction websites
CAWCR Technical Report No. 072

PDF 11,802 KB
Hoeke, R., McInnes, K., O'Grady, J., Lipkin, F. and Colberg, F. 2014.
High resolution met-ocean modelling for storm surge risk analysis in Apia, Samoa
CAWCR Technical Report No. 071

PDF 8,476 KB
Durrant, T., Greenslade, D., Hemer, M. and Trenham, C. 2014.
A Global Wave Hindcast focussed on the Central and South Pacific
CAWCR Technical Report No. 070

PDF 3,114 KB
Harman, I.N. and Trudinger, C.M. 2014.
The simple carbon-climate model: SCCM7 Technical documentation
CAWCR Technical Report No. 069

PDF 2,595 KB
Trenham, C.E., Hemer, M.A., Durrant, T.H. and Greenslade. D.J.M. 2013.
PACCSAP Wind-wave Climate: High resolution wind-wave climate and projections of change in the Pacific region for coastal hazard assessments
CAWCR Technical Report No. 068

PDF 3,163 KB
Cottrill, A., Charles, A., Shelton, K., Jones, D. and Kuleshov, Y. 2013.
Seasonal Forecast Verification in the Pacific using a coupled model POAMA and the statistical model SCOPIC
CAWCR Technical Report No. 067

PDF 860 KB
Day, K. and Maguire, S. 2013.
Observing, Estimating and Forecasting Rainfall: From Science to Applications - abstracts of the seventh CAWCR Workshop 21 October - 23 October 2013, Melbourne, Australia
CAWCR Technical Report No. 066

PDF 12,787 KB
Mortimer, N. and Symonds, G. 2013.
Bluelink III Workpackage P4.2 Littoral-zone Field Program
CAWCR Technical Report No. 065

PDF 2,394 KB
Zhao, M., Roff, G., Hendon, H., Okely, P., Zhou, X., Marshall, A., Liu, G., Tseitkin, F. and Alves, O.
Improving Multiweek Rainfall Forecasts: Experimentation with the ACCESS climate models
CAWCR Technical Report No. 064

PDF 3,785 KB
Garde, L.A., Spillman, C.M., Majewski, L., Griffin, C., Kruger, G. and Beggs, H. 2013.
ReefTemp Next Generation
CAWCR Technical Report No. 063

PDF 1,253 KB
Uslu, B and Greenslade, D. 2013.
Validation of Tsunami Warning Thresholds Using Inundation Modelling
CAWCR Technical Report No. 062

PDF 4,121 KB
Sun, Z and co-authors. 2013.
Improvements in atmospheric physical parameterizations for the Australian Community Climate and Earth-System Simulator (ACCESS)
CAWCR Technical Report No. 061

PDF 5,437 KB
Nairn, J. and Fawcett, R. 2013.
Defining heatwaves: heatwave defined as a heat-impact event servicing all community and business sectors in Australia
CAWCR Technical Report No. 060

PDF 725 KB
Collier, M. and Uhe, P. 2012.
CMIP5 datasets from the ACCESS1.0 and ACCESS1.3 coupled climate models
CAWCR Technical Report No. 059

PDF 583 KB
Uhe, P., Hume, T. and Collier, M. 2012.
ACCESS Post-Processor Version 1.0.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 058

PDF 944 KB
Law, R.M., Raupach, M.R., Abramowitz, G., Dharssi, I., Haverd, V., Pitman, A.J., Renzullo, L., Van Dijk, A. and Wang, Y-P 2012.
The Community Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE) model Roadmap for 2012-2017.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 057

PDF 7873 KB
Day, K. (Eds.) 2012.
Understanding and Prediction of Monsoon Weather and Climate - abstracts of the sixth CAWCR Workshop 12 November - 15 November 2012, Melbourne, Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 056

PDF 8658 KB
Rennie, S.J. 2012.
Doppler weather radar in Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 055

PDF 2108 KB
Dharssi, I., Steinle, P. and Candy, B. 2012.
Towards a Kalman Filter based land surface data assimilation scheme for ACCESS.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 054

PDF 2039 KB
Peace, M. and Mills, G. 2012.
A case study of the 2007 Kangaroo Island bushfires.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 053

PDF 13958 KB
Brassington, G.B., Freeman, J., Huang, X., Pugh, T., Oke, P.R., Sandery, P.A., Taylor, A., Andreu-Burillo, I., Schiller, A., Griffin, D.A., Fiedler, R., Mansbridge, J., Beggs, H. and Spillman, C.M. 2012.
Ocean Model, Analysis and Prediction System: version 2.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 052

PDF 1225 KB
Lim, E-P., Hendon, H.H., Langford, S. and Alves, O. 2012.
Improvements in POAMA2 for the prediction of major climate drivers and south eastern Australian rainfall.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 051

PDF 6045 KB
Fawcett, R.J.B., Trewin, B., Braganza, K., Smalley, R.J., Jovanovic, B. and Jones, D.A. 2012.
On the sensitivity of Australian temperature trends and variability to analysis methods and observation networks.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 050

PDF 2779 KB
Trewin, B. 2012.
Techniques involved in developing the Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature (ACORN-SAT) dataset.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 049

PDF 1432 KB
Cottrill, A., Hendon, H.H., Lim, E-P., Langford, S., Kuleshov, Y., Charles, A. and Jones, D. 2012.
Seasonal Climate Prediction in the Pacific using the POAMA coupled model forecast system.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 048

PDF 1242 KB
Harman, I.N., Trudinger, C.M. and Raupach, M.R. 2011.
SCCM - the Simple Carbon-Climate Model: Technical Documentation.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 047

PDF 1997 KB
Day, K.A. (Editor) 2011.
Abstracts of the Fifth International Verification Methods Workshop, 1 - 7 December 2011, Melbourne, Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 046

PDF 1997 KB
Greenwood, R., Schulz, E., Parkinson, M. and Neudegg, D. 2011.
Evaluation of the TIGER SuperDARN Over-The-Horizon radar systems for providing remotely sensed marine and oceanographic data over the Southern Ocean.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 045

PDF 1997 KB
Day, K.A. and Hollis, A.J. (Editors) 2011.
Composition of the atmosphere - abstracts of the fifth CAWCR Workshop 15 November - 17 November 2011, Melbourne, Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 044

PDF 749 KB
Cope, M. and Lee, S. 2011.
Exploring the co-benefit of electric vehicle uptake and ozone pollution reduction in Sydney - Final report.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 043

PDF 2,067 KB
Raupach, M.R., Harman, I.N. and Canadell, J.G. 2011.
Global climate goals for temperature, concentrations, emissions and cumulative emissions.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 042

PDF 3,410 KB
Durrant, T and Greenslade, D. 2011.
Evaluation and implementation of AUSWAVE.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 041

PDF 1,354 KB
Charles, A., Hendon, H., Wang, Q.J., Robertson, D and Lim, E-P. 2011.
Comparison of techniques for the calibration of coupled model forecasts of Murray Darling Basin seasonal mean rainfall.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 040

PDF 692 KB
Langford, S. and Hendon, H. 2011.
Assessment of international seasonal rainfall forecasts for Australia and the benefit of multi-model ensembles for improving reliability.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 039

PDF 840 KB
Hennessy, K., Clarke, J and Ricketts, J. 2011.
Methods for producing extreme temperature projections for Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 038

PDF 6,473 KB
Dowdy, A.J., Mills, G.A. and Timbal, B. 2011.
Large-scale indicators of Australian East Coast Lows and associated extreme weather events.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 037

PDF 3,270 KB
Keenan, T.D. and Cleugh, H.A. (Editors). 2011.
Climate Science Update: A Report to the 2011 Garnaut Review.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 036

PDF 3,210 KB
Corbin, D.K and Law, R.M. 2011.
Extending atmospheric CO2 and tracer capabilities in ACCESS.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 035

PDF 1,685 KB
Kirono, D.G.C., Hennessy, K., Mpelasoka, F. and Kent, D. 2011.
Approaches for generating climate change scenarios for use in drought projections – a review.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 034

PDF 9,973 KB
Hollis, A. and Day, K. (Editors). 2010.
Ocean Science - Extended abstracts of the fourth CAWCR Workshop 9 November - 11 November 2010 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 033

PDF 2,400 KB
Lim, E-P., Hendon, H.H., Alves, O., Yin, Y., Wang,G., Hudson,D., Zhao, M. and Shi, L. 2010.
Dynamical seasonal prediction of tropical Indo-Pacific SST and Australian rainfall with improved ocean initial conditions.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 032

PDF 15,301 KB
Langford, S., Hendon, H.H. and Lim. E-P. 2011.
Assessment of POAMA’s predictions of some climate indices for use as predictors of Australian rainfall.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 031

PDF 30,307 KB
Taylor, A., Brassington, G.B. and Nader. J. 2010.
Assessment of BLUElink OceanMAPSv1.0b against coastal tide gauges.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 030

PDF 11,299 KB
Day, K. (editor). 2010.
Proceedings of the Australian Wind Waves Research Science Symposium, 19-20 May 2010, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 029

PDF 11,993 KB
Contardo, S., Symonds, G. and Mortimer, N. 2010.
BLUElink II Workpackage P3 Inner Shelf and Nearshore Field Programs.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 028

PDF 3,488 KB
Bi, D. and Marsland, S. 2010.
Australian Climate Ocean Model (AusCOM) Users Guide.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 027

PDF 4,593 KB
Timbal, B., Arblaster, J., Braganza, K.., Fernandez, E., Hendon, H., Murphy, B., Raupach, M., Rakich,C., Smith, I., Whan K. and Wheeler, M. 2010.
Understanding the anthropogenic nature of the observed rainfall decline across South Eastern Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 026

PDF 9,079 KB
Gregory, P.A., Rikus, L. and Kepert, J.D. 2010.
Testing and diagnosing the ability of the Bureau of Meteorology's Numerical Weather Prediction systems to support prediction of solar energy production.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 025

PDF 1,620 KB
Lucas, C. 2010.
A high-quality historical humidity database for Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 024

PDF 9,338 KB
Mills, G.A., Webb, R., Davidson, N.E., Kepert, J., Seed, A. and Abbs. D. 2010.
The Pasha Bulker east coast low of 8 June 2007.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 023

PDF 1,344 KB
Zhu, H. and Hendon, H. 2010.
Convection and MJO performance in UM7.1.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 022

PDF 3,985 KB
Gordon, H., O’Farrell, S., Collier, M., Dix, M., Rotstayn, L., Kowalczyk, E., Hirst, T. and Watterson, I. 2010.
The CSIRO Mk3.5 Climate Model.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 021

PDF 6,942 KB
Mills, G.A. and McCaw, L. 2010.
Atmospheric stability evnironments and fire weather in Australia - extending the Haines Index.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 020

PDF 643 KB
Dowdy, A.J. and Mills, G.A. 2009.
Atmospheric states associated with the ignition of lightning-attributed fires.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 019

PDF 2,771 KB
Franklin, C., Dix, M., Jakob, C. and Roff, G. 2009.
Assessing the performance of a prognostic and a diagnostic cloud scheme using single column model simulations of TWP-ICE.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 018

PDF 10,329 KB
Hollis, A.J. (editor), 2009.
Modelling and understanding high impact weather - extended abstracts of the third CAWCR Modelling Workshop 20 November - 2 December 2009, Melbourne Australia.

CAWCR Technical Report No. 017

PDF 1,380 KB
Cope, M. and Lee, S. 2009.
Chemical Transport Model - User Manual.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 016

PDF 939 KB
Cope, M., Lee. S., Noonan, J., Lilley, B., Hess, D. and Azzi, M. 2009.
Chemical Transport Model - Technical Description.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 015

PDF 1,603 KB
Greenslade, D.J.M., Simanjuntak, M.A. and Allen, S.C.R. 2009.
An enhanced tsunami scenario database:T2.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 014

PDF 3,838 KB
Raupach, M.R., Briggs, P.R., Haverd, V., King, E.A., Paget, M. and Trudinger, C.M. 2009.
Australian Water Availability Project (AWAP): CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Component: Final report for pPhase 3 .
CAWCR Technical Report No. 013

PDF 3,378 KB
Durrant, T.H., Greenslade, D.J.M. and Warren, G.R. 2009.
Assessing upgrades to the Bureau of Meteorology\u2019s Wave Forecasting System using satellite altimeter data.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 012

PDF 3,843 KB
Allen, S.C.R. and Greenslade, D.J.M. 2009.
Spectral climatology of Australian and South-West Pacific tide gauges.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 011

PDF 1,950 KB
Dowdy, A.J., Mills, G.A., Finkele, K. and de Groot, W. 2009.
Australian fire weather as represented by the McArthur Forest Fire Danger Index and the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 010

PDF 8,672 KB
Sun, Z. 2008.
Development of the Sun-Edwards-Slingo radiation scheme (SES2).
CAWCR Technical Report No. 009

PDF 3,364 KB
Huang, X., Ma, Y. and Mills, G.A. 2008.
Verification of mesoscale NWP forecasts of abrupt wind changes.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 008

PDF 8,660 KB
Hasson, A.E.A., Mills, G.A., Timbal, B. and Walsh, K. 2008.
Assessing the impact of climate change on extreme fire weather in southeast Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 007

PDF 12,299 KB
Hollis, A.J. (editor), 2008.
High resolution modelling : extended abstracts of the second CAWCR Modelling Workshop, 25-28 November 2008, Melbourne, Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 006

PDF 1,466 KB
Braganza, K., Gergis, J.L., Power, S.B., Risbey, J.S. and Fowler, A.M. 2008.
A new basin-wide multi-proxy index of the El-Nino Southern Oscillation, A.D. 1525-1982.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 005

PDF 2,705 KB
Timbal, B., Li, Z. and Fernandez, E. 2008.
The Bureau of Meteorology Statistical Downscaling Model Graphical User Interface: user manual and software documentation.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 004

PDF 239 KB
Keywood, M.D., Gras, J.L. and Rotstayn, L.D. 2008.
The Australian Aerosol and Climate Research Program: A proposal.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 003

PDF 730 KB
Galbally, I.E., Meyer, C.P., Wang, Y.P., Kirstine, W.V., Smith, C., Weeks, I.A., Elsworth, C.M., Robertson, F. and Shuhui, S. 2008.
Measurements of soil-atmosphere exchange of CH4, CO, N2O and NOx in the semi-arid Mallee System in Southeastern Australia.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 002

PDF 596 KB
Lo, F., Wheeler, M.C. and Lennox, S. 2008.
Improving predictions of the North Australian wet season: onset and duration.
CAWCR Technical Report No. 001

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