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1: BMRC Res.Letter No.1
(i) Ozone and UV September 2004, 2004. Deschamps L., Roff G., Fraser P., Klekociuk A. and Grainger S.

2: BMRC Research Letter No.2
(i) Cloud characteristics during the monsoon season in Darwin, Northern Australia, BMRC Res.Lett.No2 2005. May, Peter T., Jakob, Christian and Ballinger, Andrew
(ii) Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Summer 2004/2005, BMRC Res.Lett.No2 2005. Klekociuk A., Deschamps L., Roff G., Fraser P. and Krummel, P.

3: BMRC Research Letter No.3
(i)  Ozone and UV September 2005 2005. Deschamps L., Roff G., Klekociuk A.,  Krummel P. and Fraser P.
(ii)  A Single Column Model incorporating BAM physics 2005. Roff G.
(iii) Scatterometer Assimilation in the Bureau of Meteorology Numerical Weather Prediction Systems 2005. Kepert J., D., Tingwell C., Tory K., Steinle P. and Paevere J.

4: BMRC Research Letter No.4
(i)  The impact of recent events on our understanding of Tropical Cyclones and climate change 2006.  Kepert J. D. 
(ii) Ozone and temperature above Davis, Antarctica, during the austral winter and spring of 2005. 2006 Klekociuk A. R. (iii) An examination of dewpoint biases introduced by different instrumentation 2006  Lucas C.
(iv) Meridional transport of low-latitude stratospheric air to the Antarctic region 2006 Klekociuk A. R.
(v)  UV Index for Sun-Safety 2006 Deschamps L., Gies P., Rikus L., Dare R. and Strong K.

5: BMRC Research Letter No.5
(i)   Comparing the diurnal behaviour of model output with in-situ data in the MDB 2006. Rikus L.
(ii)  A method for blending high-resolution SST over the Australian region 2006. Beggs H., Smith N. R., Warren G. and Zhong A.
(iii) A survey of the surface drifter observation record for Australia's current systems 2006. Summons N., Brassington G. B. and Simmonds I.
(iv) Evaluation of sea level anomalies from coastal tide gauges for the BLUElink> ocean forecasting system over the shelf zone 2006. Nader J. and Brassington G. B.

6: BMRC Research Letter No.6
(i)   Evaluation of solar radiation at the surface under cloudless conditions determined by a fast parameterization using observations. 2007. Sun Z.
(ii)  Observed climate change in the South-East of Australia and its relation to large-scale modes of variability. 2007. Timbal B. and Murphy B.
(iii) Seasonal variation of ozone above Macquarie Island and Davis. 2007. Klekociuk A. R. and Tully M. B.
(iv) An introduction to the ACCESS UM Single Column Model. 2007. Roff G., Dix M., Cheung K. and Jakob C.
(v) East Australian Current and Tasman Sea pilot surface drifting buoy experiment. 2007.  Brassington G. B., Summons N., Ball G. and Cowen L.

7: BMRC Research Letter No.7
(i)   Tsunami Warnings from Numerical Model Output for Large Events on the Pacific Ocean Rim. 2007. Greenslade D.J.M., Simanjuntak M.A. and Allen S.C.R.
(ii)  Absorption of solar radiation by ozone. 2007. Sun Z.
(iii) Antarctic Ozone: September 2007. Deschamps L., Tully M. and Klekociuk A.
(iv) Improved Severe Thunderstorm Forecast Performance with Mesoscale Assimilation – A Case Study. 2007. Louey-Gung J., Vincent C.L., Kepert J.D. and Reeder M.J.

8: BMRC Research Letter No.8
(i)   SST skill assessment from the new POAMA-1.5 System. 2008. ML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Wang G., Alves O., Hudson D., Hendon H., Liu G. and Tseitkin F.
(ii)  Gravity wave drag parameterization in a single column test-bed . 2008. Chattopadhyay M.
(iii) Utilisation of Australian smoke forecasts . 2008. Wain A.G., Brown T. and Mills G.A.
(iv) Spatial and temporal correlation of sea surface salinity in the Indian Ocean. 2008. Divakaran P., Brassington G. B. and Walsh K.
(v)  Using kinetic energy spectra from NWP to forecast wind variability. 2008.  Vincent C. and Kepert J. D.
(vi) Upper ocean heat content in the Australian region and potential impacts on tropical cyclone intensification. 2008.  Sandery P. and Brassington G. B.

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